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The EINA School was founded in the late 1960s by a group of artists and intellectuals who wanted to bring to Barcelona the ideas of design, Modernity and education of advanced centres such as Bauhaus, the Ulm School and others. As we know, Barcelona has always had this potency and creative strength and has been a European benchmark in the arts (which it still retains to some extent, despite the highs and lows) and of which we aim to be the disciples and the continuation.

EINA offers a range of qualifications, from Bachelor’s Degrees, to Postgraduate and Master’s Degrees, up to the Doctorate in Design, the most advanced academic level.

For us, the education of design is a way of being: we work to ensure that our students acquire some of the most important skills in the twenty-first century: the ability to be creative, combined with the ability to identify and be able to solve the real problems in society and put ideas into practice. It is what has been called in other areas “creativity” and “innovation” (in the field of technology), or what we call design thinking or visual thinking, which for us are our daily life. In short, a culture of “doing”.

Design is an activity of life, of society, and of the world, a way of understanding the world; and we understand art (because we are a school of design and art) as a way of taking on design: the attitude of the artist, with their ability of searching, continuous observation, experimentation, constant questioning and research, are the ways of making up this critical thought that always is and always should be at the root of design and art.

EINA has a clear vocation of public service, despite being a private school: we aspire to train professionals with a solid creative development, experts in the execution of technical procedures and with entrepreneurial ability capable of adapting to the context, based on solid cultural and humanistic foundations and critical thought.

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  • Eina Idea, the disruptive think tank of the EINA Foundation
  • EINA Obra, its generator of new collaborative ventures in advanced sustainability