Since its foundation, EINA, University Centre of Design and Art of Barcelona, has maintained a policy of openness to the world and to society. The international dimension of the centre is visible both in the cultural diversity of its students and teachers and in the exchanges and collaborations it maintains. It is also represented by a wide range of workshops, festivals, exhibitions and competitions throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Internationalisation plan

1. Development of a multilateral university network to Europe and the world focusing on collaborative teaching and research.
2.    Connectivity between the online learning environments (OLE) of the partner institutions.
3.    Use of virtual formats to streamline communication with the IN student prior to arrival. 
4.    Establishment of an international mobility culture and outgoing student support services. 
5.    Establishment of an outbound/ inbound culture and support service for outbound/ inbound teaching and research staff and administrative and administrative and service staff.
6.    Establishment of a host culture and a support service for the IN student by the Tool student through mentoring programmes.
7.    Loyalty of international mobility from Latin America through the STAY Programme.
8.    Motivation of the international IN student for future postgraduate programmes within the centre's own training offer.
9.    Advice on international internships for Tool students with recently completed undergraduate studies through the Erasmus+ Internships programme.
10.    Advice on curricular internships for international IN students who wish to carry them out during their mobility stay.