Bachelor of Design, Product Design mention

What is product design?

The product design allows the generation of solutions that provide answers to problems and necessities both of users an companies relating the product with the use, context and market.

The discipline applies methodologies that provides an understanding of the usage context and specific necessities to solve so as to develop concepts and generate them through the application of materials, colours and finishing touches.

The product design responds to various factors according to the context where it will be applied with the functionality, usage necessities, interaction with the user and associated experience, market feasibility, sustainability, ergonomic requirements or the language and symbolism therefore acting as an innovation tool providing value for users and companies.

The Product Design in the Syllabus shaping

The EINA design university studies are shaped using a designer’s training in the general meaning as a start point to work towards the specialization through the mentions offered.

From the 2nd year itineraries for obtaining the mention are recommended. This will become effective in the 3rd and 4th years, studying at least 5 of the 6 optional subjects that form one of the mentions.

Nevertheless the student could also opt for no specialization or a combination of several mentions becoming a designer with a hybrid profile.

Career opportunities

The shaping of the studies provides the resources and knowledge to work in a wide range of professional fields and allows, at the same time, to start guiding the student’s interests and defining the specific fields of the several work interests.

Professional areas

Inhabited furniture, contract and work spaces, public furniture, products of great consumption, electronics and appliances, domestic equipment, tools, lighting, wearables & IoT, packaging, innovation management, product management, automotive sector and mobility, sports & well-being, health and well-being, children’s sector and toys.

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