Bachelor of Design, Design Culture mention

What is Design Culture?

Beyond the economical sectors and traditional working profile, the social and cultural process development takes place in new environments that accommodate and are usually generated by the professional exercise of design. The need of specialists in “designing the design” became obvious on different fields either in the integration of new technologies or the articulation of new discourses has made it necessary to renew the objectives and procedures that orientate the research, analysis, criticism or teaching. Just as the professional design practise requires the command of skills particular of each field, it also requires cultural action by global designers who are able to act in various fields and establish complex dynamics offering particular and distinguishing visions and criteria different from the established customs and conventions.

The Design Culture in the shaping of the Syllabus

The EINA design university studies are shaped using a designer’s training in the general meaning as a start point to work towards the specialization through the mentions offered.

From the 2nd year itineraries for obtaining the mention are recommended. This will become effective in the 3rd and 4th years, studying at least 5 of the 6 optional subjects that form one of the mentions.

Nevertheless the student could also opt for no specialization or a combination of several mentions becoming a designer with a hybrid profile.

Career opportunities

The shaping of the studies provides the resources and knowledge to work in a wide range of professional fields and allows, at the same time, to start guiding the student’s interests and defining the specific fields of the several work interests.

Professional areas

Cultural management, patrimony, activity scheduling, education, curatorship, analysis and criticism in specialised press, research, design management, design consultancy, project manager, business management in design.

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