Bachelor of Design, Visual Creation mention

What is Visual Creation?

Visual creation is a professional area of exploring and experimentation located at the limits of design. It’s the result of its growing interest on the art disciplines surrounding it. The professional visual creator thinks as a designer, but surpasses this figure and develops projects where creation (of their own accord and with deeper objectives than what they are credited for) is the focus. The mention offers a range of transversal opportunities providing a strong vision on the bigger picture about the role of art and design in the contemporary society. The knowledge acquired is useful to look into the profession and find its limits.

Visual Creation in the shaping of the Syllabus

The EINA design university studies are shaped using a designer’s training in the general meaning as a start point to work towards the specialization through the mentions offered.

From the 2nd year itineraries for obtaining the mention are recommended. This will become effective in the 3rd and 4th years, studying at least 5 of the 6 optional subjects that form one of the mentions.

Nevertheless the student could also opt for no specialization or a combination of several mentions becoming a designer with a hybrid profile.

Career opportunities

The shaping of the studies provides the resources and knowledge to work in a wide range of professional fields and allows, at the same time, to start guiding the student’s interests and defining the specific fields of the several work interests.

Professional areas

Art direction, contemporary artistic practice, illustration, exhibition curatorship, criticism, history, artistic research and teaching. It is also a good access to future studies or positions with a high level of technification, such as photography, audiovisual creation, digital

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