Design is an occupation directly linked to the economic dynamics of innovation and the creative and cultural development of a society. This is the basis on top of which EINA has built a close relation with its surrounding and on which both the training policy and the university and business collaboration activities and programmes that the centre promotes and manages.

According to topic and vocation EINA cultivates the proximity with the vast professional and business world engaged with design and does so considering both the knowledge and experience and attitudes.

The professionalizing objective of the studies is acquired, by different means. During the development of the studies, necessary knowledge and resources are built to work in a wide range of professional fields and simultaneously we try– by means of the tutoring– to guide the student vocation defining the most specific aspects of their professional interests. On the other hand, the student may have real and specific work experience either through the specific subjects and occasional projects or through the information and management provided by the centre (labour exchange with university-business cooperation agreements).

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