Services and equipment


The Archive Service becomes a basic information unit contributing to the improvement of the efficacy and efficiency of the administrative management. In the Historical Archive documentation to testify EINA’s activity throughout its history is preserved and guarded with the aim of preserving and making this documental patrimony accessible to researchers and interested citizens.

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The EINA Library has a support role for the teaching, research and the cultural activities of the education community. Thanks to its collection specialized in contemporary art and design, the EINA Library has become a reference site for students, scholars and researchers in these thematic areas.

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IT Service

The IT Service, besides covering the update and maintenance of equipment also assist the students, faculty and staff of the centre and are at their disposal to solve doubts or technical problems related to the hardware and software.

Amongst the services offered by the IT Service the following be found: institutional email; Wi-Fi Network; repography service with multifunction printers/photocopiers that work in black and white or colour, single sided or double sided with automatic feeder with accepted formats A1, A2, A3 and A4; scanners in A4 and A3 formats; and computer laboratories containing Macs desktops, PC and Mac laptops.

University and Business

The University and Business Service is responsible for promoting and managing the collaborations established between its business and institutional environment to:

  • incorporate professional experience to EINA’s teaching activities–such as internships–, collaboration and transfer projects with the business world or foster entrepreneurial knowledge and attitudes.
  • generate a bond between EINA and the economic world to facilitate the incorporation of students, especially graduates to the professional market.

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International exchanges

Support service to the student and faculty mobility through various exchange programmes and modalities, such as Erasmus students, the UAB student mobility programme, Erasmus internships or stays.

These programmes involve bilateral collaboration agreements between EINA and over 42 prestigious universities in 25 countries and the possibility of accessing 335 universities in 33 countries around the world that conform the UAB exchange programme.

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The Publications Service is in charge of editing the monographic and serial collections, as well as informative and promotional material of EINA and the EINA Foundation.

It also serves as support to the research groups and the Degree and Master’s and Postgraduate degree students who would like to digitally print the results of their projects, research or exhibitions.

Prototype and mockup workshop

The worskshop, placed at EINA Bosc, works as a theoretical/practical learning space in the subjects needing specific tools. Likewise, it is a creative experimentation and research space accessible by students and teachers to produce elements that, in the design project, require mockups and prototypes, either through traditional techniques or by digital manufacturing.

The mockup and prototype workshop contains the following equipment: Makebot Sketch 150x150x150mm, laser cutter 900x610mm, CR-Scan 01 CREALITY (working with the CR STUDIO 2.0 software), AxiDraw V3A3 (working with the Inkscape software) manual electrical tools, vacuum former, metal lathe and a variety of materials, resins and silicones.

The Workshop is a service of the centre at the disposal of the entire teaching community, under the compliance of the safety and usage regulations established and the supervision of the people responsible at the workshop.

Free access schedule -always under technical assistance- for students and teachers is:

  • Monday from 3.15pm to 8pm.
  • Tuesday from 3.00pm to 8pm.
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2.30pm to 8pm.

Open computer classroom

Students can access Classrooms 5, 10 and 11 and use the computers, printers and scanners. The computers are PC and Mac and have all the necessary software for the studies taught at EINA.

Opening hours for students

Monday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm.
Friday from 8am to 7pm.