EINA Sentmenat

The main EINA site is at the Palau dels Marquesos de Sentmenat, a historic building that this aristocratic family turned into a luxurious residence in the seventeenth century, but that was refurbished in the nineteenth century to give it the more romantic and French appearance that it has now.

Protected as a cultural heritage of local interest, the building occupies a privileged site on the southern aspect of an extensive pine forest located between the Carretera de les Aigües and the neighbourhood of Can Caralleu, in the upper part of Sarrià.

The palace was the property of the Sentmenat family until 1974. The faithful restoration in 1993 to install the EINA School there has breathed new life into it and rescued it from oblivion. The palace retains the original external appearance of the nineteenth century, with sober lines, featuring the stone-framed doors and windows that date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Surrounding the building, the Jardins de Sentmenat are classical gardens of French inspiration, with a circular pond and parterres around it. They have retained the original appearance and layout of the age, which is why they are a superb example of what early nineteenth-century aristocratic gardens looked like.

(Source: “Know BCN” on the Barcelona City Council website)

University, workshop and garden

EINA is a centre linked to the university where higher education is taught, along with a centre of creative experimentation and professional learning that gathers design teaching tradition and the art of the Bauhaus workshops. Moreover, EINA could be referred to as a garden. Not only because gardens have historically linked to the environment of the various headquarters that have been home to the centre, but because like in the epicurean garden, EINA would like to remain a place to reflect. EINA’s garden is the centre of a great part of the activities of the centre, together with the prototype and mockup workshop. University, workshop and gardens, concepts conforming part of our unique identity.

Palau dels Marquesos de Sentmenat Palau dels Marquesos de Sentmenat
EINA Computer laboratory EINA Computer laboratory
EINA outside classrooms EINA outside classrooms
EINA Library EINA Library
EINA Prototype and mockup workshop EINA Prototype and mockup workshop
Students at EINA Prototype and mockup workshop Students at EINA Prototype and mockup workshop
Students at EINA outside Students at EINA outside
EINA detail facade EINA detail facade
Jardins de Can Sentmenat Jardins de Can Sentmenat
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