Laboratori de captcha

Interview with Marc Menció, Laus Gold Award

Marc Menció has won a Laus Gold, awarded by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD), in the Student category, with his Final Project of the Bachelor of Design 'Laboratori de captcha'.

Marc, what does this award mean to you?
To revisit the excitement that made me receive this award for the first time. That are two final projects in graphic design. 

Your project is an exploration of the future possibilities of CAPTCHA using our human skills as a basis to create better systems that are secure and improve the current user experience. Why did you choose this topic?
Because I use Vpn to connect to the web Google makes me do an inordinate amount of CAPTCHA. Between tests and tests, I thought that maybe there could be better ways to do human detection. So, I focused my project on exploring them.

And, finally Marc, what role has EINA played in your career?
The school where I trained and connected with other designers who have impacted my understanding of graphic design and art direction.

Marc Menció
Laboratori de captcha
Laboratori de captcha