3 eines x EINA

3 eines x EINA

Three tools to learn more about EINA's history

EINA's Historical Archive
The EINA Historical Archive conserves a remarkable number of original documents related to the history of the centre and the evolution of design and its pedagogy in our country. Currently, the EINA Historical Archive has approximately 80 linear metres of documentation, much of it digitised. From its online repository, you can access more than 1,600 digitised documents, including syllabuses, syllabuses, minutes of meetings, leaflets, posters and photographs of the centre's activities, among others. The preserved documentation refers to more than 1,000 different people, including teachers, students, and collaborators.

Online access to the online archive.

EINA Chronology
The EINA online chronology shows a list of events that allow us to follow the historical thread of the school. The resulting chronology is the result of research work based on the cataloguing of documents in the school's historical archive and the critical review of these sources. It is not, therefore, an institutional narrative, but rather the visualisation of information and data that constitute connectors of various possible narratives. The data are presented in a synthetic form, but an attempt is also made to make them easier to understand. On the one hand, a relationship is established with the textual, graphic and photographic documents of the Archive, as well as the link with other information available on the web. On the other hand, the aim has been to avoid isolating the historical thread of EINA, by means of data from the local and international context that are considered significant.

Access to the EINA Chronology.

EINA Chronicles
EINA Chronicles is a compilation of some of the most relevant assemblies, performances, actions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and workshops given at EINA between the 1960s and 1990s, as well as more recent initiatives related to the Archive collection.

Access to EINA Chronicles.

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