Judit Serra, Bronze Laus Award

Judit Serra has won a Bronze Laus, awarded by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD), in the category Students, with her Final Design Degree Project Poética.

Judit, what does this award mean to you?

When I finished the Final Degree Project, I didn't know how good it was. It is a project in which you spend so many hours and put so much effort that it is difficult to evaluate it from an objective point of view. The fact that the jury of the Laus decided to award it has reaffirmed to me that it is a quality project. For me it has meant starting to have 100% confidence in myself.

Poética is a visual system that offers a graphic interpretation of lyrical poetry. A project that experiences the connection between art and digital technology. Why did you choose this theme?

From the beginning, I wanted to make a work that would be different from the projects that we often find in the working world. A project that was closer to an artistic or speculative content, that contributed something new and had a strong concept behind it. This was my main motivation.

Judit, you have now finished your studies. How have you experienced your time at EINA?

For me EINA means a second home. I take with me knowledge, many good moments in Classroom 0, and above all friends for life. I think that my classmates have been the most precious treasure that I take with me from the university. In fact, thanks to them I could finish the End of Degree Project. I am especially grateful to Ignasi Ayats, Marcel·la Muns and Maria Ros for their involvement throughout the process.

Judit Serra Judit Serra