Complaint and suggestion

The complaint form aims to collect the initiatives submitted to improve the quality, and dissatisfactions among those groups and individuals related to the services provided by EINA.

La gestió de les queixes i suggeriments es regeix pel reglament de queixes i suggeriments d'EINA (in catalan) en el marc del sistema intern de garantia de la qualitat.

The scope of this form is limited to the following: facilities and equipment, services, attention to students and teaching. Administrative appeals lodged against the provisions or administrative decisions adopted by the governing bodies of EINA; complaints prior to, civil processes against EINA, which are governed by specific legislation; and review requests for examinations and other tests, fall outside the scope of this process.

Instructions for formalisation of the application

  • Make a complete and understandable presentation of your complaint or suggestion.
  • Bring any documents related to complaints or suggestions that may provide more information (maximum 4MB).
  • If you want to receive an answer, fill in the contact information requested on the form.

Alternative channels of submission of the application

You can file your complaint or suggestion through the mailbox that is available at the centre.

Commitment to quality

Your suggestions and complaints will be treated individually and confidentially with the aim of measuring the quality of services offered to EINA’s groups.

You will receive your written response within 20 working days from the day of receipt.