Interview with Oriol Cervantes, Silver Laus Award

Oriol Cervantes has been awarded a Silver Laus Award, given by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD), in the Student category, for his Final Project of the Master's Degree in Graphic Design ''.

Oriol, what does this award represent?
Receiving this award was unexpected for me. It has given me a dose of confidence and, above all, the security of having made the most of and squeezed all the juice out of an academic journey that has been very short (only one year) but fascinating and very intense. Little could I have imagined when I started the Master's Degree in Graphic Design at EINA that at the end of the course I would be rewarded with something like this.

Your project critically reflects on hyperconsumption, greenwashing, the commodification of sustainability and the energy consumption of the Internet. What motivated you to choose this theme?
I have a Degree in Biology and a Degree in Tourism, specialising in Sustainability. The environment, and how humans relate to it, but also the social side of sustainability, are subjects that have always attracted me a lot, academically and personally.

I think it is essential to encourage critical and analytical thinking towards the concepts of sustainability, and to train ourselves to avoid simplifications and trivialisations, since the markets are full of them. It is necessary to demand action from administrations and companies, but it is also necessary to demand responsibility from ourselves as consumers. The role of the consumer is crucial when it comes to encouraging one type of consumption or another. With this project, I wanted to imagine possible future scenarios, not at all far-fetched, that would dispense with taking sustainable fashions as lightly as we take all others, to encourage precisely this critical thinking.

And finally, Oriol, what role has EINA played in your career?
For me, EINA has been a springboard of personal transformation that, during the pandemic, has allowed me to immerse myself in an academic and professional world that, until now, was practically alien to me. Thanks to the journey I have made at the school, I have been able to reformulate my skills, transforming my profile to enter a new professional sector that, until recently, I considered inaccessible to me.

Oriol Cervantes
Oriol Cervantes