The teaching and research job at EINA is also developed with the aim of promoting the school internationally so as to participate in the experience exchange enabled by the collaboration with universities around the world.

EINA’s Bachelor of Design offers the students the possibility of completing part of their studies in other universities around Europe or worldwide. Not only do mobility programmes facilitates this possibility academically but they also offer financial support for the stay abroad.

Student mobility is a priority objective for the creation of an integrated European Area of Higher Studies (EAHS) broadened by the exchanges among European students and students worldwide, as a real experience of the knowledge internationalisation.

EINA mobility service together with the UAB offers the information and management that enables de students of the centre to study part of their syllabus abroad as well as welcoming foreign students.

External mobility programmes for EINA students

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Mobility programmes to study in other universities

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Mobility programmes for PDI and PAS of EINAMobility programmes for PDI and PAS of EINA

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