Bachelor of Design

Bachelor of Design

EINA Bachelor of Design 

Official title offered by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

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Design at EINA is understood in a global sense. We group our teaching around a few disciplinary areas, which have a tradition in design: graphic design, space design and product design and other areas that are more specific to us, such as visual creation and design culture.

But although we have areas of organisation or specialisation, we invite and encourage our students to cross the borders of these disciplines and to freely create their own itineraries, and to design their own curriculum within these areas or mixing them in a totally open way so that each one can create their own future. 

At all times the student is responsible for their own curriculum, having the option to choose from a large number of options and possibilities. Depending on the optional subjects chosen in 3rd and 4th year, students can opt for further specialisation through the five specialisations offered: Space Design / Graphic Design / Product Design / Visual Creation / Design Culture.

They can also choose not to specialise or to combine different specialisations, resulting in a designer with a more hybrid profile.

In the same way that a designer’s professional practice requires specialized skills in the aforementioned skills, it also requests generic designers who are able to work on different fields or coordinate specialized designers and establish interdisciplinary dynamics providing a wide range of criteria and approaches. The mechanism of EINA’s Bachelor of Design facilitates this training and therefore allows curricular itineraries outside the listed mentions.

All the details of the Bachelor of Design can be found on the UAB website.

→ Check the Bachelor of Design Syllabus Diagram (Spanish version)

→ Download the Bachelor of Design Brochure (Spanish version)

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