Bachelor of Design

Bachelor of Design

EINA Bachelor of Design 

Official title offered by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

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At EINA, you will acquire one of the 21st century's essential skills: the ability to identify and solve problems creatively, in any context, through the practice of art and design, and a willingness to ask new questions in order to find novel solutions that can help design the future.

In the Bachelor's Degree in Design, we group our teaching around different disciplinary areas: graphic design, space design, product design, visual creation and design culture. We invite and encourage students to customise their educational pathways and design their curriculum within these areas or mix them in a completely flexible way to chart their own development.

Our methodology fosters analytical and reflective thinking, active learning, commitment and ongoing initiative, critical qualities in a changing and competitive context in which the convergence between humanism, entrepreneurship and technology is fundamental.

This enriching and experimental training is open to different spheres of knowledge and perspectives and takes place in a supportive, cooperative, non-conformist, participative, dynamic and innovative learning environment.

Working in small groups and with personalised guidance, you will develop your skills and aptitudes holistically alongside a network of collaborating companies and institutions and an educational ecosystem of professionals from different disciplines.

We train our designers to have critical and creative vision and equip them with the communication skills that will allow them to develop innovative ideas and contribute broad visions and criteria in different fields, keeping in mind the social, cultural, technological and environmental innovations connected to the academic and professional world.

All the details of the Bachelor of Design can be found on the UAB website.

→ Check the Bachelor of Design Syllabus Diagram (Spanish version)

→ Download the Bachelor of Design Brochure

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