Susana Brosed

Garden Art and Design

There is a growing desire to find spaces that connect with nature. This change is especially noticeable in the way of thinking about urban and domestic spaces, which are becoming greener and more ecologically responsible.  

The postgraduate course in Garden Design and Art aims to give value to creative design and its formal expressiveness, training garden designers from all the necessary fields of action for a good design and development of gardens, patios, terraces, small parks, etc., taking into account the artistic and creative but also technical and even scientific perspective in these designs and creations.

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→ 13 February 2023 to 28 July 2024
→ Timetable: two afternoons a week from 16h to 20h (online) and some Saturday mornings (visits and workshops).
→ Blended learning - 30 ECTS
→ 3.840 € 

Gardens are the domestication of the landscape, a compilation of elements of nature tidied up and displayed as a work of art. This course aims to provide students with the tools to create and manage good landscaping projects, understood as both outdoor and indoor spaces, whether public or private, where the main elements are living matter, with the clear desire to create environments in search of beauty and wellbeing. 

The development of the course will provide strategies and models to approach the design of these sensitive and living spaces, learning to diagnose and adopt the most appropriate organisational and technical solutions under parameters of use, creativity and beauty, taking into account the requirements and limitations of the environment and the technical requirements of the solutions adopted.

  • Email: postgraus(a)
  • Telephone: +34 93 203 09 23
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Mercè Trias Mercè Trias
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