Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques

Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques

The EINA Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques offers an analysis and practical look at the use of illustration in projects for the fields of the press, advertising and graphic design, as well as the exploration of new languages and the creation of experimental proposals.

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→ 4 October 2022 to 15 July 2023
→ Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 5 pm to 8 pm
→ Onsite - 30 ECTS
→ 3.840 € 


The diploma programme systematises professional practices, allows students to acquire skills in traditional and advanced techniques, and offers a springboard into the sector, focusing on advertising agencies, the media, design studios and publishing companies.

Rubén Hervás Rubén Hervás
Núria Garcia Núria Garcia
Luis Alzueta Luis Alzueta
Berta Cervilla Berta Cervilla
Berta Cervilla Berta Cervilla
Adriana Paramos Adriana Paramos
Maryna Kizilova Maryna Kizilova
Javiera Mac-lean Javiera Mac-lean
Magdalena Arcieri Magdalena Arcieri
Sergio Gonzalez Pardo Sergio Gonzalez Pardo
Andrea de Castro Andrea de Castro
Cota Olea Cota Olea
Pamela Calero & Marcela Perrone Pamela Calero & Marcela Perrone
Ariadna Veas Ariadna Veas
Leire Orueta Gomez Leire Orueta Gomez
Elena Araujo Elena Araujo
Mazatzin Armenta Mazatzin Armenta
Diego Plaza Diego Plaza
Lucas Amaral Lucas Amaral
Mia Campos Mia Campos
Maria de Balanzó Maria de Balanzó
Camila Berazain, Bera Camila Berazain, Bera
Paula Castro Paula Castro
Leonardo Lester Leonardo Lester
Cinta Fosch Cinta Fosch
 Josefina Alvarez Castillo Josefina Alvarez Castillo
Andrés Naranjo Andrés Naranjo
Valentina Wilson Valentina Wilson
Ráian Coelho de Andrade Ráian Coelho de Andrade
Violeta Bastida Alba Violeta Bastida Alba
Catalina Mekis Rozas Catalina Mekis Rozas
Mayte Lozano Mayte Lozano
Itxaso Mugica Itxaso Mugica
Shuang Zhang Shuang Zhang
Bis Turnor Bis Turnor
Martín Azpilikueta Martín Azpilikueta
Eileen Hinckle Eileen Hinckle

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