Claudio Molina

Claudio Gastón Molina

Graduate. Graphic Designer from the University of Buenos Aires. Visual artist, illustrator, Flash animator, musician. He has been living in Barcelona since 2001.


He has been teaching in higher and university education in Barcelona and Buenos Aires since 1999. He has taught design subjects, drawing for design (technical manuals), fashion illustration, computer drawing and animation. He also gives workshops on personal animated story creation projects.


Audiovisual Resources for Design, in the 2nd year of the Design Degree. Digital Creation, in the fourth year of the Higher Graduate Degree in Design.

Professional / Research Activity

Professional Activity:

In Buenos Aires he worked with a number of studios, developing corporate image and motion graphics. In Barcelona he has been part of the Area3 Barcelona design group, working in the development of multimedia products, animation, character creation and video games. Also of note are his collaborations with the Barcelona-based Inothnna ArtCom group.

He was in the catalogue of artists of the touring gallery sponsored by film-maker Bigas Luna

Major campaigns and projects in which he has taken part:

Illustrations for Infierno de Dan Brown, Illustrations for Francis Ford Coppola, Minute Maid on Myspace, Jarabe de Palo, DHUB Disseny Hub Barcelona, Bacardi Murmansk Route, Visuals Nena Daconte, Eye Toy Play – PlayStation, Hyunday, Silenci, Carlos Ann…– MACBA, Médecins Sans Frontières, Theatre donis Gibjoncs (Bourges, France), Die Gestalten Verlag (Berlin and Caracas), Editorial Enbabia (Madrid), Micromadrid (Madrid), Mapfre (Madrid), Bel Magazine (Madrid), Txema Yeste (Barcelona), Lokomotiv (Barcelona)...

In 2001 he co-founded the Dudu pop lab design collective alongside Laura Miyashiro.


  • Nokia Award at OFFF03. (BARCELONA, SPAIN) 2003
  • First Prize Iso-logo Cuideu de Mar del Plata (BS AS, ARGENTINA) 1998

Personal blog on studies and artistic experiences with drawing:


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Illustration exhibitions

  • 2014: Exhibition of illustrations at IES Emilio Campuzano BHI, Bilbao España
  • 2010: Exhibition of illustrations at Galeria Rojo, Rosario, Argentina
  • 2009: ARTSMOVED illustrations for exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2008: Projection of illustrations at The Smokers Club, Barcelona
  • 2007: Exhibition of illustrations at The Rent Shop, Barcelona