Workshop Resilient Thinking Design

The Resilience Thinking Institute and EINA organised the Resilient Thinking Design Workshop, directed by Rafael de Balanzó, urban designer, PhD in Sustainability and professor of the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design.

In this workshop, which forms part of Barcelona Design Week, participants promote questions and answers about the current systemic crisis, analyse the current risks and explore ideas that will ultimately define how to initiate a sustainable "Transition" process towards the 22nd century.

Design based on "resilient thinking", also called "transition design", comes from the science of ecology/sustainability and the discipline of design (which is investigated by the EINA Research Group for Design for Social Innovation. Art and Design in Transition).

The heuristic’s workshop allows the participants to analyse, understand and act on systemic changes (such as climate change, social justice and/or pandemics) based on the study of the evolutionary dynamics of networks of complex systems such as a territory, a community, a company or an institution. The metaphor of resilience represented by the symbol of infinity allows us to overcome linear and fragmented thinking towards complex and holistic thinking.

There will be an ending exhibition with all participant proposals and visions by “transition design”.


Fotos: Rafael de Balanzó

Workshop Resilient Thinking Design - Rafael De Balanzó
Workshop Resilient Thinking Design - Rafael De Balanzó