Course in Illustration for children's and teenagers'

Illustration for Children's and Teenagers'

The importance of illustration is an undisputed truth in the sphere of teenagers' and children's publications: there are very few that do not use illustrations. It has been proven that without drawings, textbooks, children's magazines and even literature for children do not stand a chance in a highly competitive market.

This course offers the possibility of exploring and developing the individual registers of each student and adapting them to the specific characteristics of work for young people, and it provides participants with a broad, real and unprejudiced vision of what it means to become a “children's illustrator”.

→ Course in Illustration for children's and teenagers' by the UAB
→ 15 February to 7 June 2022
→ Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 5pm to 8pm
→ Onsite - 15 ECTS
→ 1.800 € (10% discount for former students and UAB Premium Alumni)

Past editions featured the collaboration of Ricardo Alcántara, Arnal Ballester, Santiago Beascoa, Rosa María Budó, Anna Castagnoli, Teresa Duran, Sebastián García, Schnetzer, Flavio Morais, Helenio Picó, Imma Pla, Pep Rosell.

Christiane Drapela Christiane Drapela
Manuel Marsol Manuel Marsol
Constanza Olea Constanza Olea
Carolina Monterrubio Carolina Monterrubio
Karina Cocq Karina Cocq
Valentina Wilson Valentina Wilson
Anna Valpuesta Anna Valpuesta
Anna Valpuesta Anna Valpuesta
Ona Marcet Ona Marcet

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