Gustavo Ariel Rosemffet (Gusti)

Gustavo Ariel Rosemffet (Gusti)

Studied advertising design at Fernando Fader Art School, and has lived in Europe since 1985. First based in Paris and currently living in Barcelona, he works as an illustrator and teaches illustration courses at schools, libraries and civic centers.

Cofounder of the non-profit organization WINDOWN LA VENTANA, which leverages art to work towards a more inclusive society, Gusti creates inclusive workshops for a range of people with different capacities.


He has taught illustration to children, students and professionals in Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Nicaragua, Colombia, Italy (ISIA URBINO Design School) and Spain. He has given courses at the Women’s School and currently teaches inclusive workshops for people with disabilities.

Professor in the specialized course in Illustration for Young Adult and Children’s Literature at EINA for more than 10 years.

Professional experience / research

Began working in animation for the studio “Catu Cineanimación” and worked for Hanna Barbera Studios making animated series.

Illustrates for children’s magazines such as Cosmik and Billiken.

Moved to Paris in 1985, where he collaborated with publishing houses such as Hachette and Nathan.

Travelled in the Ecuadorian Amazon, collaborating in the Harpia conservation project and giving classes to indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico and Canambo, Pastaza, Ecuador.

Volunteered with centers focused on protecting birds of prey, such as Cim D’Aligues in Barcelona and Cabarcenos in Cantabria.

Cofounder and president of the non-profit association WINDOWN, working towards a more inclusive society by giving art classes to disabled people.

Artistic director of Casa de Carlota, a design studio that works with the mentally disabled and trainee design students.


His books have been published in more than 20 countries, by publishers including Gakken (Japan), Grimm Press (Taiwan), Nord Sud Verlag (Switzerland), Hachette (France), Edelvives, SM,(Spain) and Oceano (Mexico).

Created, along with writer Ricardo Alcántara, the animated series Juanito Jones with the producer Cromosoma.


Gusti has received a number of prizes, among them the National Prize for Illustration (1990), the Lazarillo Prize and the Pomme d’Oro from Bratislava. He has received the Junceda Prize and the Serra D’or on multiple occasions, and the Bologna Ragazzi Award in the Disability category for his book Mallko y papá.