Mercè Canals

Mercè Canals

Mercè studied Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts in the Pau Gargallo School of Badalona, specializing in Illustration.


Mercè worked in the Francesca Bonnemaison Women's School from 2003 to 2006, teaching space and perspective in picture books, within the larger workshop on children's illustration taught by Ignasi Blanch. From 2007 to 2011, she has taught the textbook specialization within the course on Illustration for Children’s and Young Adult Literature at EINA, as well as illustration for pre-readers, aged 0-3 years.

Professional experience and research

Mercè's work is centered on children's and young adult literature and textbooks, collaborating with national and international publishers. She has also experimented in illustration for media, packaging, and set design. On a personal level, she works and researches in the field of engraving, applying screen-printing and woodcut techniques. She has participated in group exhibitions of children's and young adult illustration nationally and internationally. She has also begun to write children's books and has published five, including one in the magazine Cavall Fort.

She has received a number of awards:

  • 1992, the Lola Anglada Prize for illustrating Barcelona.
  • 1993-95, Second place for the Caterina Albert i Paradís Prize.
  • 1993-94-97-06, finalist for the Apel·les Mestres Prize.
  • 1996, Honorable mention for the poster for Young Readers’ Book Week, OEPLI.
  • 1999, Selected for the exhibition All Colours, by the Ministery of Culture.
  • 2005, First prize for illustration, Mercè Llimona Prize.
  • 2005, Selected to form part of the exhibition Ilustrísimos, by the Ministry of Culture, in Bologna.
  • 2010, Mercè Llimona Prize for the text "Roc sin cabeza" [Headless Roc].