Exhibition "Pluriverse: tools for Coexistence"

The exhibition "Pluriverse: tools for Coexistence" presents a collective reflection of the first-year students of the Bachelor of Design at EINA on the current global issues that put at risk essential elements such as the environment, equality, the equitable distribution of resources, material and emotional well-being, etc.

The exhibition is open from May 25th to June 1st and is distributed in different locations of the EINA Bosc facilities (Carrer del Bosc, 2).

The group of students of the subject Dimensions of Form and Colour, taught by Tània Costa and Lola Lasurt, have used concepts related to the ideas of Pluriversity and Conviviality as guiding threads of the narratives of their creations: Communality, Convivial Tools, Degrowth, Ecopositive Design, Ecofeminism, Transition Movement, Body Politics, Sentipensar, Good Living, Ecoanarchism, etc. (Escobar, Arturo. Designs for the Plurivers. Radical Interdependence, Autonomy, and the Making of Worlds. 2018 / Pluriverso. Un diccionario del posdesarrollo. 2021) 

The material research has taken as its starting point the contemporary discourse of new textile crafts and the impetus they provide for the creation of social networks that base the relationship of their components on processes of mutual aid, reciprocity and collective responsibility. The dynamics of the network refers to the weave that creates fabric and gives strength to the configurations built through links, exchange and relational well-being.

The exercise has been worked on in four phases: Taxonomy of the line; Weaving the weft; Object configurations; Applications in space and body in movement. The final formalisation of the proposals is exhibited at EINA Bosc as an installation, performance or portable object, according to the choice of each student, and is related to the concept developed. The exhibition has been coordinated by Abel Vallhonesta and Tània Costa.