Mies van der Rohe

EINA participates in Philea Forum 2022

On the occasion of the Philea Forum 2022, the annual conference of the Philanthropy Europe Association held this year in Barcelona, the the Arts and Culture Thematic Network has invited EINA students and faculty to participate in the European Pavilion: How arts and culture can shape a more meaningful, inclusive and sustainable future (in times of war) on 30 May at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion.

The event is a participatory session that will engage foundations, cultural professionals and EINA members in a creative process and experience to imagine and design a more sustainable future for Europe. In these unforeseen times of war, design, art and culture can provide us with creative imagination for a more meaningful, inclusive and resilient future.

The session will start with the presentation of a concrete case study directly from Ukraine. Alexander Shevchenko, founder and CEO of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary urban space activation agency ZVIDSY, will present the open source initiative ReStart Ukraine. The session will be designed and led by MOTI New Planetary Narratives, a foundation dedicated to expanding the role of culture and education into new forms of collective action and awareness that can help challenge our assumptions and open ways to imagine and create new images of the future that impact our actions in the present.

The session is organized by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) on behalf of the Arts and Culture Thematic Network. The European Pavilion is a new initiative by ECF which aims to support and promote artistic projects that imagine desirable and sustainable futures for Europe.

The European Pavilion