Oriol Pibernat

Oriol Pibernat

Historian and designer. MA in History, Art and Geography Advanced Research Techniques and Methods (UNED). BA in Art History. Has studied Design at EINA and Humanities Studies at UOC.


He currently teaches in EINA’s Research MA in Art and Design (since 2013), the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration (since 2018) and also EINA’s Design Degree (since 2012). He has been professor of the UAB Master in Aesthetics and Contemporary Art Theory (2005-2009); of the UPF Master in Ecodesign (2002-2004); and the UPC Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainability, Technology, Development and Imbalances (1997-2000). He has also been an associate professor at the UB Faculty of Fine Arts (1996-1998) and at Elisava between (1996-1998). He has been a professor at EINA since 1986, where he was also Head of Studies (1997-1999) and Director between 1999 and 2016. As a director of this center, he was the Coordinator of the Platform for Barcelona’s Design and Art Teaching Centers, which promoted the plenary recognition of Design University Studies (2000-2007).


As a researcher, he cultivates Design History from the perspective of cultural history. His field of specialization is the history of design in Catalonia and Spain during the Franco period, with an ongoing thesis on Spanish participation in the Milan Triennial of the 50s and the formation of the cultural and professional field of design in Spain. He is attached to the GRACMON, Research Group in History of Contemporary Art and Design of the University of Barcelona. He is part of the GRHED, Research Group in History and Design Studies of EINA. He collaborates in research projects with the Documentation Center of the Design Museum of Barcelona, with the Barcelona Design Museum, and the FHD, History of Design Foundation.

Professional activity

He has professionally participated in various publishing, museum and exhibition projects as advisor, curator and editor. He has participated in the cataloguing process and the exhibition design of the Barcelona Design Museum product collection. In the field of exhibitions, he curated The Utility in Design (Madrid, Círculo de Bellas Artes 2008); Inhabiting the world, with Ramon Folch and Salvador Rueda (Barcelona, Fórum, 2004); Work cultures, with Josep Ramoneda (Barcelona, Center for Contemporary Culture, 2000); Baggage in 2000, with the theater group La Cubana (Barcelona, Center for Contemporary Culture, 2000); Primavera del Disseny (Spring of Design), 1999, a design festival held in different locations in Barcelona; André Ricard, the daily design, with Pedro Azara (Joan Miró Foundation, 1999); Error design, irtum mi object, with Uli Marchsteiner (Kunta Halle Krems, Austria, 1998); Homo ecologicus, for a culture of sustainability (Barcelona, Miró Foundation, 1996); Because it does not work? (Barcelona, Virreina, Barcelona City Council, 1993).

On the other hand, he has exercised cultural criticism by publishing articles in magazines and newspapers (l'Avenç, La Vanguardia, La Vanguardia / Culturas, Minerva, Revista de Occidente, Contemporanea, International art magazine, Tipográfica, etc). He has published books on design and designer monographs.

Professionally, he has also dedicated himself to consulting in design, identity and communication, carrying out projects both in the private sector and for public administration (Autonomous govern of Catalonia, Spain Ministry of Industry and Energy, Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, TV3, Canal +, Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa, etc).

Awards / Merits

He has had a relevant activity in the associative and cultural field of design being chosen for several positions: boss and Vice President of the FHD, History of Design Foundation (2014-2018 and 2016-2018, respectively); Member of the Design Committee of the Culture Council of Barcelona (2007-2010); Vice President of ADI FAD, Association of Industrial Designers (2004-2006); member of the Institutional Advertising Commission of Catalonia appointed by the Parliament of Catalonia (1996-1998); member of the Board of Directors of the FAD, Promotion of Decorative Arts (1991-1995); vocal and vice president of the Board of Directors of the ADI FAD, Association of Industrial Designers (1988-1989) and the ADG, Association of Graphic Designers and Illustrators (1986-1989). He won the 1988 ACCA Award for the Design Yearbook for Catalunya'88 as the best specialized publication, of which he was editor and coordinator.

Publications / Research

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