Nikita Bashmakov

Nikita Bashmakov

Graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the University de Málaga (2011) and Design Degree from EINA (2015). His work encompass brand identity, editorial, web and typography design.


He has been teaching «Introduction to the Design Project» at EINA since 2017 and “Computer Resources for Design” since 2018.

Professional activity

  • Freelance graphic designer (2012–Present)
  • Graphic designer at Mario Eskenazi Studio (2015–2016)
  • Prepress and printing processes at Verdi 9 (2012–2015)


He has participated in projects related to the Creative Commons world and free culture, including the collaborative translation from English to Spanish of Yochai Benkler’s “The Wealth of Networks” and Lawrence Lessig’s “Remix” (Icaria Publishing House).


  • Design: personal and professional (FIU Barcelona, 2016)
  • Olga, a multi-script typeface (Blanc Festival, 2015)