La Imaginación Curatorial

The Curatorial Imagination

How can we narrate the production of ideas, mental images, concepts, and dreams in the curatorial realm? What kind of production are we talking about when we speak about the Imagination in such a specific field as the sphere of exhibition making, where multiple forms of creativity overlap and where hospitality, negotiation, mediation, and budget are generally the defining factors? How can we imagine new collective gestures, ephemeral communities of things, and previously unseen uses of institutional spaces? How can feminist, post-colonial, and critical impulses reshape the way we produce mental matter? Several curators will respond to these questions, or variations thereof, and will speak about their practice in this program comprising public lectures and intensive workshops.

  • Direct interaction with some of the most relevant curators of the contemporary scene
  • Opportunity to participate in a shared thinking process on the possibilities and futures of a profession that has defined the contemporary era
  • Gain key insight on the practical context and productive dynamics in diverse levels of the field, from the most immediate and basic to the most institutional and formalized
  • Real, first-hand insight on top-level, real-world practices
  • Practical and theoretical interactions
  • Familiarity with key concepts in defining debates for contemporary art and museology


Dates: March - June 2021

Format: 6 online sessions, 3h each.

- Four of the sessions will include presentations by special guests from the international sphere and will be centred on feminist and decolonial curatorial perspectives. 

- The program will also include a practicum and two individual tutoring sessions. An equivalent individual work time is expected form each participant. 

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