Beques de Nou Accés i Premi Extraordinari de la Fundació EINA

New Access Grants and Extraordinary Award of the EINA Foundation

EINA Foundation gives Grants for New Access students to the Bachelor of Design with the intention of stimulating vocation and excellence in the field of design, awards that have been obtained for the next academic year by Pol Ortuño Dalmau, Talent Grant; together with Silvia Baba Brugués, Mireia Clusells Escalé and Carla Oliver Martinez, New Access Grant.

This academic year Clara Barrantes Cepas has also been awarded the Extraordinary Prize of EINA Foundation, in recognition of the academic and personal merits of this first year of the Bachelor of Design, which values excellence in the achievement of objectives, her talent, motivation, and effort.

Beques de Nou Accés i Premi Extraordinari de la Fundació EINAFrom left to right: Clara Barrantes Cepas, Pol Ortuño Dalmau, Mireia Clusells Escalé, Carla Oliver Martinez, Silvia Baba Brugués.

All of them tell us what it has meant to obtain this award and why they have chosen EINA to carry out their Bachelor of Design studies:

Pol Ortuño Dalmau, EINA Foundation Talent Grant 2022-2023
Pol studied humanistic-artistic baccalaureate at La Salle Manlleu, where he discovered his passion for design. "Being awarded represents for me a great recognition and, above all, a great show of confidence in me and my development as a designer; I am enormously grateful to EINA Foundation for its positive projection of the future in terms of my time at university. It is also a strong stimulus for my studies at EINA and a strong motivation to start entering the world of design.

He adds: "Of all the universities, I have chosen EINA because of the hybrid model of its curriculum, which allows me to experiment with different areas of design to end up creating a personal, personal and complete profile. I also believe that the weight given to projects and group work in its curriculum allows us to extract a transversal and enriching vision of design".

Silvia Baba Brugués, EINA Foundation New Access Grant 2022-2023
Silvia has studied at the Escola Pia in Terrassa. For her: "Being awarded a scholarship is a great opportunity to enhance my skills and develop as a competent professional in the field of design and to fulfil my dream of contributing to society by providing aesthetic and moral values".

"I have chosen EINA because I consider that it has a very innovative approach to teaching and that is what I am looking for in my future university studies. The physical environment of EINA is also inspiring for me to be able to work on the subjects taught in a more practical way," she says.

Mireia Clusells Escalé, EINA Foundation New Access Grant 2022-2023
Mireia, a student of artistic baccalaureate at the Escola d'Art de Vic, has chosen EINA "mainly because in design it seemed to me the most powerful, and because of the familiarity between students, teachers and employees of the school".

For her: "Receiving this award is a great opportunity that I will take with great enthusiasm to learn and be part of this 'family'".

Carla Oliver Martinez, EINA Foundation New Access Grant 2022-2023
Carla has also studied artistic baccalaureate at the Escola d'Art de Vic. "To have won this award is an immense happiness for me because I could not imagine studying anything other than this and at the EINA school and if it had not been thanks to the EINA Foundation grant, this desire would be difficult to achieve. I am sure that the intangibility and what this school gives off will make me, tomorrow, a professional with a much broader point of view to be able to approach design in a more global and integrating way".

For her, choosing EINA has been "the result of informing myself in the Saló de l'Ensenyament and through the internet about the educational and experiential concept with the centre's own stamp, and the day of the open doors visit is when I knew that it was where I wanted to train and grow artistically, creatively, professionally and as a person during my next academic years. I fell in love".

Clara Barrantes Cepas, EINA Foundation Extraordinary Award 2021-2022
Clara studied the first year of the Bachelor of Design at EINA after having studied the artistic baccalaureate at the Escola d'Art La Industrial. "I chose EINA because it offered me design studies with an artistic side, which was what I was interested in. Also, because of its versatility of subjects that allowed me to create my own path," she says. For me: "This award is a recognition of my efforts throughout the course, a financial help to continue my studies, and a great motivation to continue creating and collaborating at EINA".

The New Access Grant establishes a 50% discount on the price of the credit during the first year of the Bachelor of Design and is renewed for consecutive years if high academic achievement is maintained. The Extraordinary Award means a 50% discount on the cost of the studies in the following year's enrolment.

Beques de Nou Accés i Premi Extraordinari de la Fundació EINA

From left to right, above: Sonia Mulero, trustee of EINA Foundation and member of the Grants Commission; Mar Saiz, coordinator of the first year of the Bachelor of Design and member of the Grants Commission; Silvia Baba; Miquel Molins, president of EINA Foundation; Àxel Legares, assistant director and member of the Grants Commission. Below: Carla Oliver; Mireia Clusells; Jordi Peraferrer, coordinator of the tutorial action plan of the Bachelor of Design and member of the Grants Commission; Pol Ortuño; Clara Barrantes.