Neil Harbisson

Lecture by Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson, musician, artist and first cyborg legally recognised by a government, will give the lecture "Cyborg Art: the art of creating your own senses" on Wednesday 24 November at 4pm at EINA as part of the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design at EINA-UAB.

“Design yourself. Cyborgs are the union between cybernetics and organisms. Since both are in exponential evolution the definition of cyborg is also in constant change. We define cyborgism as the different types of relationships between technology and organisms”, comments Harbisson, founder of Cyborg Foundation.

“The art of creating your own senses. Cyborg art is an artistic movement where artists extend their senses beyond their physical boundaries by applying technology into their bodies. The artwork of a cyborg artist is the new sense, but it’s an artwork that happens inside the artist. They are the only audience of their own art. In Cyborg Art; the artwork, the audience, and the museum is all in the same body”, says Neil Harbisson.

→ Date: 24 November, from 4pm to 6pm
→ Venue: EINA Classroom E2-3 (Passeig Santa Eulalia, 25)
→ Language: English
→ Session moderated by Jèssica Jacques
→ Free admission. Limited capacity. Registration open

Photos © Hector Adalid

Neil Harbisson