EINA 360

EINA360 - 2023

EINA promotes the work carried out by students and former students of the centre with the publication ‘EINA360’.

The publication brings together a selection of projects that show the academic rigour and the capacity for analysis and experimentation of the students of the Bachelor of Design and the different Masters and Postgraduate programmes at EINA. The innovative potential of design and art is also reflected in the professional practice carried out by our students through their projects.

All the published projects are a synthesis of the enriching learning process, open to different systems of thought and languages, with which EINA has been working since its foundation in 1967. A methodology in constant evolution to anticipate the needs and demands of our changing society, to be able to respond to new challenges, and to make new products, new services, and new experiences a reality.

In short, this publication is the testimony of the school's trajectory as a platform of culture and knowledge for generations of design and art professionals who actively participate in the development of a more sustainable, ethical, reflective, and committed society.

The participants in this publication are: Violeta Araujo, Sarah Barbuto, Jordi Blasi, Laura Buján, Daniela Castilho, Javier Comeche, Emma Garcia, Carolina Garzón, Adrià Garcia i Mateu, Eva Gomez, Berta Górriz, Queralt Guinart, Guillem Hernández, Júlia López Saludes, Anaïs Llop, Cèlia Mateu, Marc Menció, Roger Monfort, Paola Ortiz, Pili Parro, Lidia Puig, Eva Ramón, Mònica Ruiz, Rosie Shann, Gerard Sierra, Sijie Sun, Irene Terrón, Laura Tierz, Laia Torrents, Maria Vicente.

→ You can download the publication here.