Font d'en Ribas

‘Aigua Assedegada’ wins LAB Collserola 2023 promoted by EINA

EINA promotes LAB Collserola, an experimental and interdisciplinary project for the Serra de Collserola Natural Park that seeks to show that the plastic arts and design are tools capable of promoting environmental awareness and eco-social transformation towards sustainability.

The LAB Collserola 2023 call, which focuses on how to protect fontinal ecosystems of great biological and cultural richness, has awarded Aigua Assedegada (Thirsty Water) by Alba Acebes, Martí Cabanas, Pol Julià and Ignacio de Antonio Antón with a prize of up to €8,500. This project proposes to create an itinerant learning and research community, a mobile and elastic platform where to put into practice and recover strategies and ways of making water come.

Water is an essential and scarce resource in the Serra de Collserola Natural Park. Fontinal ecosystems are vulnerable habitats, scarce and threatened by the effects of climate change and overexploitation of water. The restoration of these wetlands and the improvement of the micro-ecosystems linked to them are essential for the conservation of the park due to their biological richness. In addition, these areas have a great cultural value, both from a historical and architectural point of view, due to the narratives and traditions they have inspired.

The aim of Aigua Assedegada is to deploy a collective sensibility, to rescue different ways for water to flow, to think together about this complex and brutal problem: water does not come, and it is thirsty. To this end, a series of activities will be carried out in the form of workshops, to find in the search for water a space for coexistence and the teaching of movement, taking a route through the less frequented springs of the Serra de Collserola Natural Park.

The jury valued the proposal for its more than human perspective, because it seeks to rescue cultural and social traditions of popular heritage, and because it helps to reverse the process of deterioration of the fountains through their use. The project also follows a line that is also being worked on by the Consortium of the Serra de Collserola Natural Park together with Barcelona City Council: the renovation, recovery and consolidation of the park's fountains with an estimated budget of 1,179,750 euros from the Next Generation Funds.

Alba Acebes, Martí Cabanas, Pol Julià, Ignacio de Antonio Antón