Salvador Huertas

Salvador Huertas

He developed his design training in EINA and finished his degree in Graphic Design in 1998. He expanded his skills in the field of pedagogy with a master's Degree in Educational Sciences and with a PhD in Pedagogy on Creativity.


Professor in the areas: Design of Digital Publications Design App for SmartPhone, Werables, SmartTV Design App for domotic management Editorial Design and Applied Typography Creative Pedagogy. Design Thinking. Divergent Thinking

Work experience

He has experience in Editorial Design Print and Digital, UX/UI App Design and Identity Design. He worked in grafic Martin Gutiérrez for three years and in Summa for three years and a have. Then he worked in his own studio A2 Comunicación. Nowadays, he combines professional practice collaborating in Mucho with university teaching.


  • Laus Nomination in typography for Public Photography. 1998.
  • Silver European Award. by Drugs/Gay/ Culture/Liv Tyler. 1999.
  • Laus Nomination in institutional promotion by ESADE. 2006.
  • Laus on the cover of Vanidad magazine. 2001.
  • Design of the commemorative book National Design Award for Summa. 2008.


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