Anna Pujadas

Anna Pujadas i Matarín

Bachelor’s in Art History (1990) and Philosophy (1992) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and a PhD in Art History (1998) from the same institution. Accredited as an Aggregate Professor by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia (2017) and as a full professor by the National Agency of Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation (ANECA).


She is university professor in Design Degree (from 2002) at EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de la UAB. Professor in Research Master in Art and Design at EINA-UAB (2013-2018). Professor in CSIM, Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media at UPF’s Communication Faculty (2007-2012). Professor in Máster Universitario en Comisariado de Arte Digital at MECAD-URL (2007-2009). Professor in Bachelor's degree in Humanities of UPF (1998-2014). And professor in Bachelor's degree in Art History at UAB (1997-1998).

Professional experience / research

Member since 2014 of GRETA Research Group on Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts of UAB with the Full professor of Aesthetics Gerard Vilar as main researcher. Also from UAB, she is member of Consolidated Research Group (SGR) funded by MINECO The generation of knowledge in artistic research: towards an alternative explanation. A meeting point between philosophy, art and design. She founded with other EINA’s the Research Group Design processes. Innovative Practices in Art & Design (2013) and is Editorial Director of the Journal of design processes. His main subject of research is the emergence of production in design thanks to the new digital manufacturing systems generating a culture of makers and a revival of crafts.


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