Incoming Mobility

Exchange students have access to the same lessons as the EINA students. Therefore, their inclusion in the centre is absolute.

Although it is not obligatory for students to have achieved a B2 level in Spanish, it is highly recommended. Students should also be aware that many of the classes are taught in Catalan. However, most lecturers are also fluent in Spanish and English.

The three existing modalities of incoming mobility are:

  • Erasmus+ Studies. Exchange programme with European universities that benefit from the Erasmus grant. This programme recognises the credits taken at the host universities thanks to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
  • UAB Exchange Programme. Exchange programme with universities outside Euorpe (mainly the Americas, Asia and Oceania).
  • Stay. STAY modality is addressed to the students from institutions without exchange agreement.

How to apply for a place

Firstly, the EINA place must be requested at the University of Origin. It must be verifier whether the university is part of our partner institutions.

Once you have been admitted, you must register and fill in the application form at the university by accessing

At the same time, you must send the following documents to portfolio (PDF format), motivation letter, academic transcript and a copy of your identity document.