Projects 5 - Visual creation


The use of photography as a work tool is, to this day, essential in any area of ​​design; Either in its generative aspect or in the editing of material, photography is a fundamental resource.

The subject gives the student basic knowledge in order to understand the photographic device in all its spectrum and puts all the attention in the photographic production as well as in the historiographic approach.

The subject is divided into two blocks:

  • The student learns the basic operation of the camera and the digital edition and processing program, as well as the impact of the technique on the image.
  • The student is introduced to the processes of pre-production, production and post-production to a photographic project that is developed through the practical implementation in photocopy format taking into account the different phases of the photographic creation: of the planning of the idea, documentation and research, realization of the images, selection and edition.