Infographics and Data Visualisation


Infographics is simply communicating visually. The North Americans, pioneers in infographics in the world, continue to define it as the science of making informative graphics. For the School of Infographics of Barcelona and the University of Navarra, pioneers in Europe, infographics was a great new journalistic genre, back in the nineties, capable of explaining the Olympic Games of Barcelona and the Gulf Wars as never before in any similar event. Now, at present, to make infographics is to communicate and explain visually any subject, in any field, with transversal technology, which is an immense and inexhaustible resource of present/future given the priority in the visualization of any type of information and the universality that Internet and networks provide.

The students of design with their great baggage of visual and aesthetic knowledge have much gained to work and learn infographics. And finally, the youngest branch of infographics: the visualization of VD data (Big Data, large volume of data); it has made a qualitative and quantitative leap in the world of business, public and private, where it is increasingly required.

EINA has always worked so that its students could study computer graphics in their degrees, with a trajectory that has provided eleven European professional prizes throughout the last six years.

Learning aims

  • Get used to latest infographic/VD trends
  • Schedule, sort, rank and synthesize any information
  • Training in translation to visual of any information, written, oral or visual
  • Have a theoretical, reflective and analytical basis to program any type of graph.
  • Mastering synthesis, both editorial and visual
  • Know the latest tools, technologies, apps and graphic resources to make infographics/VD
  • Ability to do transverse infographics: informative graphics, company graphics, websites, blogs and networks
  • Criteria for programming the most appropriate infographic typology in each case
  • Work with static, animated and interactive graphics
  • To consider the Infographics/Vd as an important tool to increase the professional profile.


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