Mobile artefacts and itinerant bodies

Presentation of the projects carried out in the workshop organised in collaboration between EINA and LOOP Barcelona.

Date: 22 September at 18.00h
Place: Espai Cultural Barra de Ferro

The Mobile Artefacts design workshop was held between July and September with the aim of designing an itinerant element to host the exhibition project curated by Carolina Ciuti that will be presented next November as part of the LOOP Barcelona - Diary of a Body festival.

As a result of the workshop, one of the three itinerant artefacts will be chosen to become the ephemeral stage for the programmed activities that will include video projections and performative actions, which will take place in two public spaces in the city of Barcelona. Under the title Cuerpos Itinerantes (Travelling Bodies), there will be a programme with the participation of artists resident at Hangar and La Escocesa.

The three work teams presenting their projects carried out within the framework of the workshop are:

  • Group1: Irene Anglada Espadaler, Rafael Cribillés Alba, Gio Galindo
  • Group 2: Mercedes Almeida, Maria Mei Bellsolà López, Andrea Fernández Camps, Maria Verdu,
  • Group 3: Elisabet Callén Artola, Julieta Italiano, Felipe Román Osorio, Lucía Trigo González

Tutoring: Isa Casanella (LOOP Barcelona), Carolina Ciuti (LOOP Barcelona), Ramon Parramon (EINA).

The presentation activity will be attended by the artists who will be part of the "Cuerpos Itinerantes" programme: Laura Arensburg, Valentina Alvarado Matos and Carlos Vásquez Méndez, Agustín Ortiz Herrera, Julia Calvo, Pedro Torres, Natalia Carminati and Daniel Moreno Roldán, Nuria Anida and Citlali Hernández.