Xavier Rubert de Ventós

Farewell to Xavier Rubert de Ventós

On Saturday 28 January, Xavier Rubert de Ventós, philosopher, writer and politician, died at the age of 83. He has been closely linked to EINA since its beginnings, and was awarded the Friend of EINA prize in 1987.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Xavier Rubert de Ventós collaborated with EINA by teaching the subject Theory of sensibility in design studies, as well as various seminars and lectures: "Introduction to the Architectural Fact" as part of the Architecture and Urbanism course (1967); the session devoted to structuralism (1968); the lecture at the end-of-year events in 1975; and the lecture on Eugeni d'Ors in the seminar "The Consecration of Spring" (1982).

Xavier Rubert de Ventós is co-founder, together with Eugenio Trias, Jordi Llovet and Antoni Vicens, of the Colegio de Filosofía, which was born in EINA 1976, and consisted of a philosophy debate and conference group that was held for three years at EINA, with the participation, among others, of Jean Baudrillard, José Mª Valverde and José Luis Aranguren. Subsequently, the College of Philosophy moved to the Casal de Sarrià, then to Casa Elizalde, and finally to the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, part of the Institute of Humanities.

The Board of Trustees and the entire EINA community express our condolences to his family and friends, and our heartfelt appreciation for his commitment to the world of ideas and critical thinking.

Col·legi de Filosofia

Eugenio Trias, Jordi Llovet, Antoni Vicents and Xavier Rubert de Ventós at EINA.

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