Obra de Jordi Fulla

Exhibition ‘Jordi Fulla. Des de Miyajima’

The exhibition 'Jordi Fulla. Des de Miyajima' (Jordi Fulla. From Miyajima) brings together a selection of drawings, small-format works and sketches that are counterbalanced by some large-scale paintings by Jordi Fulla, painter, prominent artist and benchmark of the generation of the nineties, who was a student, teacher and patron of EINA. The exhibition opens on 9 June at 7 pm at Can Sisteré, Centre d'Art Contemporani, and will be open until 24 July.

Jordi Fulla was a prolific creator on the contemporary art scene and during his extensive creative career he developed an exceptional metaphysical and poetic universe. He consolidated a long career of exhibitions both in galleries and in national and international institutions, and his work has been shown in Japan, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, France and in many exhibitions, such as ARCO, Art Cologne and Art Chicago.

His contact with Japanese culture and the trips to Japan that the artist made in 2005 and 2015 had a profound influence on his work - often comparable to a haiku: with few elements, always linked to nature and with the human being as the observer.

In the words of the exhibition curators Jo Milne and Jordi Garrido: "This exhibition aims to explore the side of Fulla's painting that is closest to philosophy: it seeks, from the intimacy of contemplation, to bring us closer to the world and, in silence, to discover that reality is not as clear as it seems".

→ Exhibition 'Jordi Fulla. Des de Miyajima'
→ Can Sisteré, Centre d'Art Contemporani (Carrer de Sant Carles, s/n) Santa Coloma de Gramenet
→ Opening on 9 June at 7 pm
→ Exhibition open until 24 July, Tuesday to Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 1.30 pm

Jordi Fulla
Jordi Fulla
Jordi Fulla
Jordi Fulla