EINA Chronology

When EINA's 50th anniversary, the EINA Archive and the History and Design Studies Research Group initiated the project to create the EINA Chronology, a resource that, based on a list of relevant events - both those directly related to EINA and the cultural and social-political context in which they take place - makes it possible to follow the historical thread and reconstruct the history of the school.

In a first phase, the project tackled the elaboration of a set of entries ranging from the background of the school's foundation to the 1970s. In recent months, the contents have been expanded to include the most important events of the 1980s. It is, therefore, a living resource, in the process of development, in which it will progressively find new contents.

This project is also a project open to the whole EINA community. In this sense, we will listen to proposals for new entries, and will also welcome original texts to be incorporated into the chronology. All those interested in participating can contact the EINA Archive Service: archivo@eina.cat, to receive the appropriate technical and stylistic indications.

Cronologia EINA