I enhance the eReader reading experience with a poetically-designed case that preserves the virtues of both old and new technology. I show how reading and writing merge and also present a new kind of book collecting.

I talk about the sensory experience of traditional reading and writing while taking advantage of today's technology to optimise the physical space occupied by large book collections.

I soften the appearance of technology through two different ebook sleeves: Llebre Llibre, which represents a collection of eBooks in a sleeve that looks like a physical book; and Llebre Llibreta, which represents a notebook. Both have a replaceable notebook and a pencil inside to take notes, draw, make diagrams... I defend non-linear thinking and the tangibility of information, because information without emotion cannot be retained, and if we can't remember it, why do we read?


Llebre Llebre
Llebre Llebre
Llebre Llebre


Product Design
Bernat Ruiz
Oriol Ventura
Abril Solsona