Pol Mallafré

Pol Mallafré


He started teaching 'Imatge en moviment' at EINA for the 2020-2021 academic course: a theoretical approach to cinematographic language) and an extensive practical part of various audiovisual montages. 

Professional Activity

In 2020, during the first weeks of confinement, he made the short documentary The reality of confinement with a four-year-old, a commission produced by the BBC. Once it was published, it received immediate recognition around the world. The BBC put it on the front page for several days, and evenAlexandra Ocasio-Cortez shared it on her own social networks. The short film won the sympathy of many festivals. It has been selected in CORTOGENIA, ALCINE and FICAL among other festivals. It has won the VOC awards from Omnium Cultural, FILMETS in Badalona and Brain Film Fest in Barcelona. 

He previously worked for the digital magazine Playground, where he ended up coordinating the editors' section. He has directed and written pieces for the Internet, webseries, short films and plays. 

Pol has also worked for Mediapro editing the TV3 programme COOLHUNTERS, where he appears sporadically. He has created the show Magic for Humans for Netflix, with Mago Pop as the main character, and recently he has worked for Gestmusic on a show that has not yet been broadcast. 

He can be found on Social Media under by the name Mockudramas. There he gives free rein to his audiovisual skills with a comic tone. 



The reality of confinement with a four-year-old2020.



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