Pep Brocal

Pep Brocal

Degree in Fine Arts from Sant Jordi University in Barcelona, with a specialization in Painting (1985-91). Masters in Animation and New Technologies from the Centro Calazanz (Escoles Píes, Barcelona, 1996/97).


Taught Comics at Escola Joso (Sabadell, 1996/1997), illustration at the Professional Women's School (Barcelona, 2000/01), and has taught a workshop in illustration for magazines in the postgraduate program in Illustration for Children at EINA since 2006 (Barcelona, 2006 - present).

Professional experience and research

Pep began working with comics professionally in 1984. He published various series and characters in the magazines Cairo, Zona 84, Totem, Viñetas, Mister K, NSLM, CO & CO, Ruta 66, Tretzevents, Cavall Fort, El Manglar, and in newspaper supplements for newspapers such as La Vanguardia, ABC, El Mundo, Hora Nova and El País. He was coeditor of the independent comic magazine Mr Brain Presenta and compiled the album Vgirl, with a story by Felipe Hernández Cava. From 1994 to 2008 he published stories of the detective "Maurici Bonull" in the magazine Cavall Fort. Since 1989, he has also worked as an illustrator, with work published by Ediciones Proa, Enciclopedia Catalana, La Galera, Publicaciones de la Abadía de Montserrat, Teide, Edebé, Beascoa, Barcelona multimedia, Random House, MacMillan, Pearson, Casals, Editorial Molino, RBA, Anaya, Santillana, SM, Bromera and Animallibres. He has illustrated stories, magazine articles, posters for theater productions and special events, book covers and illustrations for children's stories. For the last five years, he has been experimenting in woodcut with Blanca Hernández, with whom he has developed both silkscreen prints and small wood engravings, as well as short artisanal woodcut books. Since 2010 he, Laura Miyashiro and Blanca Hernández have been coeditors of Badabum Edicions Especials, an independent publishing platform that works with books that many publishing houses would consider too much of a risk. Badabum has published graphic novels, woodcut and silkscreened posters, pop-up books, comics, optic games and other special productions, numbered and signed by their authors and conceived of as pieces of art.


(Only the five most recent publications are listed)

  • Alter y Walter o la verdad invisible [Alter and Walter, or the Invisible Truth], Entrecomics Comics, 2013.
  • Petman, Badabum Edicions Especials, 2012.
  • Soberbia [Arrogance], Badabum Edicions Especials, 2012.
  • Olaf tiene una idea [Olaf Has an Idea], Bang Ediciones, 2012.
  • En Kurt va mirar al cel [Kurt Looked at the Sky], Badabum Edicions Especials, 2011.

Some of Pep’s over fifty published picture books have been translated to other languages, including Valencian, Spanish, Basque, Galician, Asturian, German and French.

Portfolio (latest exhibitions and festivals)

  • 2013 Plom Gallery Els superpoders de l'art. [The Superpowers of Art]. Barcelona. The Invisible Truth. Mutuo Centro de Arte. Barcelona. Graf Meetup for Comic Authors and Independent Publishing. Barcelona.
  • 2012 Dress your wall. Galeria Miscelanea. Barcelona. Bugui bugui. Galeria Nadir (Espacio 40). Valencia. Big Draw Drawing Festival. The Picasso Museum. Barcelona. Arts Libris 3rd Ed. The Book and Design Fair. Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona.
  • 2011 Amors difícils [Difficult Loves]. Galeria ISSIMM. Solsona. Feria infame 1ª Ed. Espacio Infame. Barcelona. Seoul Design Festival. Seoul, South Korea. Ilu.Station 3ª Ed. Galeria Miscelanea. Barcelona. 1 Year of Badabum. Espai Casas. Barcelona.
  • 2010 Pep Brocal, net calidoscopi marcià. [Kaleidoscope from Mars]. Caixa Foundation, Terrassa. Ilu.Station 2nd Ed. Galeria Miscelanea. Barcelona.
  • 2008 Colectiva El futuro será luego [The Future Will Be Later]. Periferias, Huesca City Hall. Huesca. Collective. Bratislava Illustration Biennial (Slovakia).