Jordi Esteve

Jordi Esteve

Degree in Product Design from EINA, Centro Universitario de Diseño y Arte (2007), attached to the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and updated this qualification to a Bachelor’s degree 2013. He has worked and collaborated as a product designer with design studios and companies such as Joan Gaspar, Urbiotica, Santa & Cole and Simon. He currently works as a freelance product designer. His products combine functionality and no-frills geometry, frequently halfway between design and design-invention. He creates technical solutions intended to provide better use of the product.

Teaching experience

  • Teacher of Digital Representations applied to space and volume design
  • Teacher of Product Modelling
  • Teacher of Final Degree Project

Professional activities

He begins his professional activities collaborating with the Joan Gaspar product design studio (2008).

In 2010, as head of design, he becomes a member of the multidisciplinary team of Urbiotica, a company engaged in designing for Smart Cities and IOT (Internet of Things), with the objective to provide intelligent solutions for the management of public resources.

In 2013 he joins the technical team of Santa & Cole, a company focussing on the design and development of urban furniture and lighting.

In 2017 he joins the technological company Simon as an R&D engineer, focussed on interior lighting products for the Contract and Retail sectors.

He now works as a freelance product designer providing services to companies and public and private institutions. He takes great interest in any sector which brings him into contact with creativity, design and the development of new products.


  • Finalist in DELTA AWARDS 2011. U-Moist
  • Finalist in DELTA AWARDS 2014. Arne
  • Finalist in DELTA AWARDS 2020. Hole