Albert Crispi

Albert Crispi


Taught Information Technology 1, for the first year of the Higher Degree in Design at EINA(2004-2009). He currently teaches the first year drawing workshop and Ergonomics, Perception and Usability for the third year of the Design Degree at EINA.

Professional experience and research

Worked as an architect at the studios of Santiago Balcells (2000-2001), and Josep and Jordi Garriga with Núria Bordas (2001-2003), and PROA Arquitectura y Rehabilitación (2002 - present). He has periodically collaborated with the studios of Joan Cruanyes, David Fernandez, Albert Estruga Arquitecto and A+G Arquitectura.

Founded his own architecture and building rehabilitation studio, AC Arquitectura y Rehabilitación, in 2002.


Master’s in Technology of Architecture, Building and Urban Design at the UPC, with a thesis titled The industrial architecture of development in Barcelona and its bordering municipalities: an analysis of the evolution of construction techniques (1953 – 1973). Currently working towards a doctorate degree.


Rehabilitation Projects

Rehabilitation of Modern Architectural Heritage

  • Residential building in Amigó Street. Architect J. A. Coderch.
  • Residential building at Plan de Montbau, 7. Architects Subias, Giràldez and Íñigo.
  • Residential tower in Harmonia Street. Architect Antoni Bonet.
  • Europa Residential Tower. Architect Francesc Mitjans.

Rehabilitation of Historical Architectural Heritage

  • Residential building in Mirallers Street 3. 18th century
  • Residential building in Via Laietana 7, Or Street 29 and single-family home in SAUS. 19th century
  • ALHAMBRA residential building in Barcelona. 20th century
  • Many structural and façade rehabilitations for buildings in Barcelona, Tarragona and Girona.
  • Interior renovation projects on homes and businesses in Barcelona, S'Agaró, Sitges and Girona.

New builds and expansion projects

  • Multi-family building in Cornellà de Llobregat.
  • Single-family houses in Barcelona, Cambrils, Olesa, Llinars and Ametlla del Vallès.
  • Expansion projects in Barcelona, Girona and Port de la Selva.