The chained act of fitting and unfitting is the creative gymnastics that is established in the action of designing; organic actions that allow us to recognise and miss, to play, explore or grope, search and discover.

Disengaging and fitting together are also movements that keep us in constant displacement, defining us as flexible and fluid communities, mutant, in transition inside and outside the spatial, temporal and affective limits of EINA.

"DESENCAJAR" is the name given to the set of Final Degree Projects that can be seen during the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th of July at EINA Bosc, which grouped under 6 areas, urgencies, concepts or agencies shows the capacities, energies and wills of design and designing from EINA.

Project tutors:
Graphic design: Laia Clos, Pilar Górriz
Space design: Anna Bach, Sara Coscarelli, Albert Crispi, Tomás López, Raúl Oliva
Product design: Fanny Basanta, Ariadna Fàbregas, Dani Vila
Visual creation: Enric Mas, Jo Milne, Anna Pujadas, Mar Saiz
Design culture: Ignacio de Antonio Anton, Víctor García Tur, Anna Majó


Dates: 3, 4, 5 and 6 July

Carrer del Bosc, 2

Final Degree Projects presentation programme