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Open Day: EINA's Bachelor of Design

One of the best ways to get to know the EINA’s Bachelor of Design is by visiting the university centre where you want to start your career as a designer to meet and talk to the students and teachers of the university, discover experiences, opinions and their environment.

If you want to study the Bachelor of Design, EINA opens its doors to share with you our study program, methodology, scholarships, access requirements... and everything you want to know.

Online sessions

Face-to-face sessions

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  • Saturday, 22 January at 11am
  • Saturday, 22 January at 12.30pm
  • Saturday, 19 February at 11am
  • Saturday, 19 February at 12.30pm
  • Saturday, 26 March at 11am
  • Saturday, 26 March at 12.30pm
  • Saturday, 30 April at 11am
  • Saturday, 30 April at 12.30pm
  • Saturday, 21 May at 11am
  • Saturday, 21 May at 12.30pm

Personalised visits