Debate Emerging education in a pandemic situation

"Emerging Education in a Pandemic Situation" is an online debate organized by EDIVI, the network of higher education design centres for social innovation and sustainability, on the 19th of November from 5pm to 7pm.

In this event, which is part of Barcelona Design Week, teachers and students reflect on how teaching has adapted to social innovation projects in design centres, considering the virtualisation of most of the content of the 2020-2021 academic year due to the pandemic. Anna Majó and Berner Maynés, teacher and student of the EINA Design Degree, participate in the event.

This virtual session will show how design teaching is looking for new formats to continue carrying out collaborative projects with other social agents, linked to a specific context or in a co-design project.

These contributions will serve to reflect and debate on the impact of the current situation on classroom methods and dynamics, with the aim of highlighting those emerging lessons that pose opportunities that can serve to promote the updating of the teaching model.

Emerging Education in a Pandemic Situation" involves teachers and students from the following higher education design institutions: EINA, Elisava, Escola Massana, ESDAP Catalunya, ESDi, LCI Barcelona and Idep Barcelona.

EINA - Foto Lluc Massaguer