Mar Saiz Ardanaz

Mar Saiz

Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (Barcelona, 1993) with specializations in painting and sculpture. Pursued doctorate studies, obtaining an Advanced Studies diploma in Drawing: Functions and Theory from the University of Barcelona (Barcelona, 2008).

Currently working on a doctoral thesis on Anti-Franco satirical drawings in the doctorate program in Artistic Production at the UB.


Professor of the Basic Drawing course in the Design Degree at EINA, where she has also taught the 2D-drawing course Means of Expression (from 1996-2009). Taught the course Croquis: Human Figures and Objects (2005 - 2009) at ELISAVA, and Drawing III (2007 - 2009), also at ELISAVA.

Taught Techniques for Graphic Expression for the Higher Degree in Advertising Graphics at CIC (2008, 2009).

Participated in the course Practice and Territories in Contemporary Design II for the Official Master’s in Art and Design Research with the lesson “Creating an Artistic Research Project.” (2017)

Professional experience / research

Professional artist, exhibiting work in the Esther Montoriol Gallery in Barcelona and La GaLeRia in Sant Cugat. Won the Fundación Banco de Sabadell XLIII Prize for a Young Painter, Sala Parés.


Cover illustration for:

  • Revista Econòmica de Catalunya (núm.44).
  • Oppidum (núm. 6, diciembre 2007).
  • Navegando juntos. [Navigating Together] Annual of PAS 2016. Personnel Association of “la Caixa”.



  • DelicARTessen 7, 8, 9...14. Galeria Esther Montoriol. Barcelona, 2009-2016.
  • 4 pintors. [4 Painters] La GaLeRia. Sant Cugat del Vallès, 2016.
  • Estudis Reversibles. [Reversible Studies] Galeria Esther Montoriol. Barcelona, 2014.
  • Que nevi!, que nevi! [Let it Snow, Let it Snow!] Appartshowroom. Barcelona, 2013.
  • Pintors de Sant Pere més Baix. [Painters of Sant Pere més Baix] Palau Alòs. Barcelona, 2011.
  • Mar Saiz. Sala Parés. Barcelona, 2007.
  • Lectures. Sala Parés. Barcelona, 2005.
  • Mar Saiz. Sala Parés. Barcelona, 2003.


  • Fundación Banco de Sabadell.
  • College of Economists of Catalonia.
  • Testigo de “La Caixa” Collection.
  • Mutual Médica.
  • Personnel Association of “la Caixa”.
  • Fundació EINA.


  • Històries imprevistes. [Unforeseen Stories] Big Draw. Barcelona, 2011.
  • L’espera (Margot). [The Wait – Margot] ZOOM. The Collection in Analysis. Picasso Museum. Barcelona, 2016.