Enric Garrido

Enric Garrido
  • Graduate in Design, focusing on Graphic Design.
  • Official Master’s in Art and Design Research.
  • Working towards a PhD in the Faculty of Philosophy and Aesthetics, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Professor at EINA since 2016-2017, when he substituted for Elena Bartomeu in the course Designing Elements of Identity. He has taught Graphics for year three of the Design degree together with Xavier Alamany since 2017.


Innovation, research and design research are three fundamental interests. Goals include exploring alternatives to current design methods and simplifying the understanding of visual communication.

In teaching, he strives to help students understand the importance of both methodology and conceptual interpretations of design, to allow them to build strategies to articulate design statements both critically and personally.

He sees theory as key to building design discourses that integrate human experience to social environment, and help surmount technical problems in resolving projects.

Teaching activity

  • EINA Course: Graphics 2017 - present
  • EINA Course: Designing Elements of Identity
  • Bau Design Center Master’s in Graphic Design Course: History of Graphic Design 2014 - present
  • Bau Design Center BauNit Course: History of Graphic Design 2014 - present
  • Bau Design Center Master’s in Information Technology and Data Visualization Course: An Introduction to the History and Context of Infographics 2017 - present


  • Autonomous University of Barcelona - UAB PhD Candidate Philosophy, Aesthetics and Design Begun: 2016.
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona - UAB EINA Master of Arts (M.A.) Art and Design Research 2013 - 2014.
  • University of Vic Bau Higher Design School Design Degree – Graphic Design 2009 - 2013.
  • École Supérieure Estienne des Arts et des Industries Graphiques 2008 - 2009 IES-SEP Design and Editorial Production 2006-2008.
  • IES-SEP School of Work Preprinting in Graphic Arts 2004-2006.

Professional experience

Enric has worked on a number of extremely diverse projects, including working on graphic production for the Grec Theater Festival, La Mercè Festival and Món Llibre Festival in 2016 as part of the graphic design and visual communication studio La Factoria dels Anuncis.

As a freelancer, he collaborated with the architectural studio estudi nus and with architects Marta Galí and Marta Oristrell in developing graphics for the following exhibitions at the Museum of the History of Barcelona (MUHBA): Fabra i Coats fa Museu [Fabra i Coats makes a museum] (2014), Hagadàs Barcelona, l'Esclat Jueu del Gòtic Català [Hagadàs Barcelona: the Jewish Gypsy of the Catalan Gothic] (2015) and El Port Franc i la Fàbrica de Barcelona [El Port Franc and the Factory of Barcelona] (2017). In parallel, he has worked on projects for the CCCB and the Center for Information on Medicine of Catalonia, among others.



  • Typoweek 2014 Letterpress, artisanal graphic design. An exhibition for TipografíaTypoweek, where he explained the research and results of his final research project.
  • Sinergias Bau_Research projects A critical look at data visualization. A research dialogue between Jeffrey Swartz and Enric Garrido on the visual representation of information.


  • Cirquit 2 Creativity and experimentation in new media Round table on the implications of digital culture in art and design.